Meet the Beam Riders

Founder & CEO
Senior Researcher
A Beam Rider with over 20 years of experience; raised $$ for 3 startups; iOS programmer; MBA (Cranfield, UK); Chevening Scholar; LLB; Aspen Institute Global Leadership Fellow.
A PhD student in neuroclinical psychology, researching the neural basis of cross-cultural differences in creativity. 
Tal graduated M.A in clinical psychology with Magma Cum Laude and B.A in psychology and art with Suma Cum Laude. 
An experienced iOS and backend programmer. B.Sc. Management Information Systems, Haifa University.

Lead Game Designer
Lead Artist 
Senior Programmer
An experienced game designer with over 20 years of experience; was involved in several high-profile projects.
An experienced graphic designer and game developer. Graduated of Betzalel Academy of Fine Arts.
An experienced programmer with over 10 years of experience using Unity engine for game development and 5 years in animation.